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Jay Seely
02-08-2011, 10:18 AM
We are a PSN for Medicaid Reform.
I currently use VBA scripting to determine PCP clinic assignments for our members. The script looks to a zip list to determine closest based upon clinic to member zip radius. This is not always best with large counties.

We are looking to buy this software to perfect these picks. I have a seen a little of this Software and how it works. Can you add VBA scripting to this application like you can do for other MS apps like excel,word,access etc...??
Thanks J

Eric Frost
02-08-2011, 11:31 AM
Jay -- sort of but it doesn't have it's own built-in VBA editor.

It's probably easiest to use Excel VBA. There are some samples to get started at

Working With Excel and MapPoint - MP2K Magazine (http://www.mp2kmag.com/excel/)


02-09-2011, 07:12 AM
Technically, MapPoint has a programming interface (API) so it can be "scripted" from an external program (or an 'external' program installed as an add-in that appears on the Tools menu). The interface uses COM (a technology underlying VB6, Excel, etc), so any COM-capable language will work. As Eric says, Excel VBA might be a good start if this is what you are familiar with.

VB.NET might be another, more modern choice if you have Visual Studio available.

Finally if you want to use scripting as a programmer understands the word, then Python is hard to beat!