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05-27-2003, 08:04 PM
Mobile GPS Online Releases GPSTrackP

May 28, 2003

Ottawa, Ontario -- Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada, today announces the release of GPSTrackP version 1.0.0. GPSTrackP is a powerful vehicle tracking and management system that combines the low-cost passive data transfer of traditional tachograph-based systems with the tracking capability of GSM-based real-time tracking systems through applying the advanced GPS technology. It uses GPS data loggers to collect tracking data, and then display, analyze, and report the tracking data through a powerful software tool.

In comparison with traditional vehicle tracking systems, GPSTrackP has the following key advantages:

Advanced GPS technology is applied and packaged to “shatter” the price barrier of GSM-based vehicle and driver management systems.
The user is supplied with accurate and comprehensive vehicle and driver information to have total control of vehicles and drivers.
Effective vehicle and driver monitoring is possible without the need for costly and complex “real–time” communications.
The investment is secure, as the product does not rely on the product supplier or any other third party after purchase.
Low investment, low cost (no monthly or ongoing cost) and powerful tools for improving productivity and reducing operating cost.
There is no need to install sensitive and complex equipment in the vehicle.
GPSTrackP has four major functions:
Plan and schedule efficient daily work trips by optimizing customer visits and stops for each vehicle and driver.
Track and monitor performance of drivers by checking adherence to scheduled routes and stops.
Improve productivity and service quality by monitoring customer visits, deliveries and stops.
Analyze and report detailed operation cost and efficiency.
With these powerful functions GPSTrackP solves problems in:
administrative complexity and high cost of controlling vehicles and drivers
uncertainty of what is happening in the field
-- Driver productivity and vehicle utilization
vehicle abuse
-- Bad driving habits that may cause high maintenance cost and accidents
-- Unscheduled routes and deliveries
-- Unauthorized usages

Companies that use GPSTrackP can enjoy the following benefits:

better tracking of company’s most expensive assets - vehicles and drivers
easier management of drivers, vehicles, and customers
higher customer satisfaction resulting from detailed reports on service stops and deliveries
better customer dispute resolution as a result of irrefutable data
immediate reduction in fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs by controlling drivers’ activities, including speed and zones
more sales from more productive vehicles and drivers
quicker response to improve business efficiency

At the same time, employees of the companies that use GPSTrackP can have their share of benefits:

better protection against false customer accusations of late deliveries or arrival to scheduled spots
no need to record mileage and customer call logs
no fear of being accused of after-hour vehicle usage by employers even if the drivers bring company vehicles back home
better employee bonuses translated from increased corporate savings
increased driver safety

About Mobile GPS Online
Mobile GPS Online is a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada. It specializes in system integration and application software development utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS)/Microsoft MapPoint and Wireless Communication Technologies. For more information about Mobile GPS Online, visit http://www.mobilegpsonline.com/

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