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03-12-2011, 10:17 AM
Hello to all:

I am new to MapPoint and forum. The forum seems like a great place to learn about MapPoint and how others are using it. I look forward to picking up some tips and tricks.

I work for a company where we send out employees to perform work on residences in close proximity to each other. Each employee is assigned an area that may be right next to an area assigned to another employee. They complete 50-100 residences each, per day. We have a total 7 employees doing this work.

My Job is to take 10% of each employees work for that week and QC it, to make sure that it was completed properly. My goal is to be able to this in the most efficient manner.

I want to enter all the work to be QCd into MapPoint, however I need to be able to tell what employee I am performing QC on at all times.

For example, under route planner, I may enter in 100 addresses that belong to multiple employees and that are right next to each other.

Is there a way to distinguish each employees route through color coding or pushpins? I should be able to enter in an address in through route planner and then somehow assign it to a user, however, I am not sure how.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated...