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03-21-2011, 09:13 AM
I brought this up on the forum a while ago and never posted it, as suggested, to this wish list section. Now 2011 is out and I still have the same issue.

The preset color choices in MapPoint are almost useful for people who are color blind. Including me, we have 3 people on our admin team who are color blind. Using my old mapping software, I could assign certain colors that all of us could distinguish - usually black, navy blue, blue, light blue and white.

The options in MapPoint for "Green to White" or "Orange to White" etc. have colors that look exactly the same to us color blind folks. I showed the attached PDFs to others in our office and they could not see the white section of the map, that should indicate a quantity of 1-6 patients. It looked exactly the same as the section for 7-13 patients.
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Same thing when I choose an option that seems to distinguish between colors more "Red to White to Blue." All I see is light blue and in the attachment, I put a text box in the section that has one patient and another section nearby that has 14 patients.
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They look exactly the same to me.

I am going to post a briefer request in another section, asking for ideas to make the map more useful.


03-21-2011, 10:57 AM
I discovered that the issue only seems to be a problem when I create a PDF of the map (using Print>PDF Creator). So it may be an issue with Adobe Acrobat and not MapPoint.

When the map is on my screen, the colors are distinguishable. For other newbies, my solution was to hide all the toolbars except "Location and Scale," then use the print screen command (ALT-Print Scrn) and paste this into a PowerPoint slide. I resized the image to 75%, then added a text box to the top of the slide to hide the title bar and menu options bar.

From there I can use PDF Creator to save as a PDF or do a save as>type to save as an image file. I need these maps for PowerPoint presentations so my solution works fine for me. It may be a bit cumbersome but definitely workable for me.