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06-20-2003, 05:23 PM
1. When importing data from excel, access or text file into a dataset using the 'ImportData' method, the sequence of the input data items is not retained. This makes it impossible to iterate through the data points using the recordsets MoveNext method in the same sequence as the original data. This should be fixed.

2. The dataset created with 'ImportData' is currently read only. It would be nice to make it read/write capable.

3. It is currently only possible to find a pushpin on the map using 'FindPushPin' with only the pushpin's 'Name' as the supplied argument. It should be possible to search for any pushpin inside a data set based on any field in the dataset.

4. It would certainly be good if the MapPoint OCX Control was a true OCX that did not actually fire up a separate MapPoint executable. Also then it would be possible to use any development environment that supports OCX controls.

5. Built-in functionality to extract Latitude and Longitude information for a given X,Y coordinate.

6. Built-in functionality to extract the nearest street address for a pushpin. The 'ObjectsFromPoint' method can be used to get this info, but the returned data is dependent on the current zoom level, i.e. it gives a street address when zoomed out far enough, but does not give street address when zoomed in for the same pushpin location.

7. It would be nice if the 'AddPushPin' method could be made faster. It takes almost 2 minutes to add 1000 pushpins (using supplied lat and lon), whereas using the 'ImportData' on the same data takes only a few seconds on my computer.

8. It would also be nice if all manually added pushpins (i.e. using AddPuhpin method) had the same dataset, recordset, and fields structure like data imported using 'ImportData' and if this was read/write capable.

9. All programatically drawn pushpins, shapes, etc. should have the ability to make them not moveable/modifiable by the user. It should also be possible to programatically disable pop-up menus and the individual menu items in the pop-up menus of the MapPoint control.

07-08-2003, 02:28 PM
I hope you sent your list to mswish@microsoft.com.