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04-22-2011, 07:01 PM
Hello party people.
I'm running Mappoint 2010 on Win7. I got a deal since 2011 just came out. I'm planning a road trip this summer starting and ending at my home in Central Ohio. I have a list of 20 golf courses all over the country and in Canada that I plan on visiting.

How can I make a route plan that is the least amount of miles? With a trip like this I could easily not take the most efficient route and drive an extra thousand miles and waste time and fuel and cut down on playing time.

The answer doesn't necessarily have to be with Mappoint. I'm willing to use something else like google or mapquest if this is not possible in the software.

Thanks in advance!:biggrinjester:

PROFIT100 Consulting
04-23-2011, 03:24 AM

send me the list of the golfcourses (addresses) you want to visit.
You will get back a mappoint-2010 map with an optimized route (round-trip).

If you like, please download and install the mappoint-programs
IC-RouteManager (http://www.dl-en.mappoint-tools.info/RMUSA/Setup_IC-RouteManager_usa_1.5.9.exe)and IC-InteractiveViewer (http://www.dl-ww.mappoint-tools.info/IV/Setup_IC-InteractiveViewer_2.0.02.exe).

Here you can can read the helpfile:
Help-IC-RouteManager (http://www.wh-en.mappoint-tools.info/RMUSA/index.htm)

Both mappoint-AddIns (Lightversions). are freeware.

Kind regards

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Eric Frost
04-23-2011, 04:40 PM
MapPoint does have a route optimization feature! There's fairly sophisticated Routing capabilities and features built into MapPoint.

I'd recommend to take a look at Tutorial 4: Plan a Business Trip in the Help file. It just scratches the surface of what MapPoint is capable of doing with regards to routing :eek2:, but it's a good introduction. :clap: