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05-19-2011, 02:50 PM
BUILD2WIN Logistics (http://www.bid2win.com/products/BUILD2WINLogistics.aspx)’ interactive Map delivers live data to your dispatchers via Microsoft Bing Maps integration. Here you may view job sites, places, and assignments alongside live data such as weather radar, construction information, traffic flow and traffic incidents.

Choose Which Job Sites & Places Appear on Your Map
Customize the map to work the way you want it to. View all of your jobs sites, or just the ones that are working today. You can even create your own places to display, such as shops, plants, recycling facilities, hospitals and anything else you'd like to see. Each place is assigned its own color.

Know Which Resources Are at Your Job Sites
Expand your job site to display all of your assigned resources. View employee and equipment details, create new needs, create job site notes—you can even create move assignments by dragging and dropping resources from one site to another.

Plan Your Moves Around Busy Traffic
Keep your drivers happy and out of traffic while they are moving resources. With one click on the map, your roads will display any traffic issues—like the morning traffic jam or an unforeseen accident—so your resources get to the right place in the most efficient time.

Track Live Weather at Your Job Sites
The Map's live weather radar allows you to track weather changes at your job sites and plan ahead when you know bad weather is coming. So you can move equipment before a storm hits, or re-route your drivers to ensure safety and on-time delivery.

Select Your Map to Display in Aerial or Road Map View
View the Map in Road Map view, or get a better picture of your job sites' surroundings by switching to Aerial mode. And you can still overlay live traffic and weather radar!

Designed to stand alone or integrate seamlessly with BUILD2WIN's Field and Maintenance modules, Logistics allows you to maximize your operational efficiency through instant, real-time insight into the location, availability and utilization of all of your resources. So you can make smarter decisions, save time and money, and improve your bottom line.

Top Benefits

Efficiently manage employees and equipment

Significantly decrease equipment idle time

Drastically reduce equipment rental costs

Provide all departments with instant insight into
company-wide resources

Maintain on budget and on schedule

Be a proactive, not reactive organization

Learn more about Logistics...
BID2WIN Software Inc. | Products | BUILD2WIN Logistics Module - Resource Planning and Dispatching (http://www.bid2win.com/products/BUILD2WINLogistics.aspx)

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Interesting, thanks!