View Full Version : Mappoint 2010 Data Issue

06-16-2011, 08:51 AM
Hi, I need some help on the issue that I have currently.

I had no issue at all with 2006 version. However with 2010 version, I have some issues with data whenever I perform the following.

With using 'Import Data Wizard' function, I've imported some data (Name, Address, City, State, Phone# and Website) into Mappoint. Then I've clicked on 'Pushpin Properties' and change 'Data set name' to another one which I've created with different symbol in advance. However when I go back to this pushpin, information about Phone# and Website are no longer there and shows blank. I've tried this multiple times but same thing happened. This was never happened with 2006 version. Can you pls adivse how to fix this issue as I have to keep the same process? Thank you.