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Claire Koa
06-28-2011, 02:58 AM
Taipei, Taiwan】Systems & Technology Corp., experienced GPS tracking device provider, launches brand-new AVL series– CAREU U1-with powerful integration capability. U1 provides 2 analog ports and integrates with one-wire interface. One-wire interface supports AVL connecting with multiple sensors and actuators, which can simply be built by wiring together without using different wires. One-wired accessories include i-Button, Temperature Logger, Temperature Sensor, RTC(Real-time-clock), Humid sensor…etc. Moreover, U1 has multiple RS-232 port can connect with the most common used accessories such as MDT and RFID without any external box. Those various embedded ports not only bring efficiency for fleet operators and systems integrators but also satisfy different integration needs.

To fulfill the requirements of fleet management, logistic and job dispatching with more efficiency way, U1 uses Interactive Voice Response technology (IVR) which is designed with special firmware instead of external IVR device. IVR allows drivers to interact with call center via generated audio for further proceed instruction or to avoid wrong operation.

U1 also create advanced feature on geo-fencing. In the past, most AVL can only provide maximum 68 sets of polygon geo-fence; now U1 gives you more: minimum 128 sets of polygon geo-fence, which is a breakthrough feature in GPS tracking industry. Fleet managers used to define a polygon geo-fence with fixed 16 points; now with U1, fleet managers can easily draw a polygon to an area with different numbers of points. This advantage provides a larger space and flexibility on fleet control.

S&T has provides high-ranked IntelliTrac series AVL devices in the global market for many years. To follow up the market trends and customers needs from single device to tracking total solution, S&T takes technical advantages from current IntellitTrac series and brings in brand-new OS concept to create a new brand-CAREU series AVL device, which symbolizes S&T creates a milestone in 24 years experience in GPS tracking industry.

More U1 features including:
n CANbus supported (in tuning stage)
n IVR supported(optional)
n More accurate mileage calculation: less than±1%
n More accurate ADI 16g G-sensor
n Replaceable battery using general Nokia BL5C battery

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