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08-01-2011, 06:44 AM
As per the Microsoft documentation I've created a VB6 Addin so I can adjust the speeds via proper speeds instead of the unhelpful average +/- slider.

I'm using Mappoint 2011 Europe.

I think there is a bug in there as the Motorway / Limited Access Motorway settings are being transposed, but not by all methods.

If I adjust the geoRoadInterstate & geoRoadLimitedAccess they are being transposed when I look at the subsequent slider positions as one is incrementing the value of the other.

When I use the 'sliders' and look at the subsequent values they are OK as the Motorway slider is indeed adjusting the geoRoadInterstate.

The other 3 are OK.

I've determined that the default values are:

Motorways 70
Limited Access Motorways 62
Major Roads 40
Minor Roads 34
Streets 19

So when it's calculating journey times for Motorways is it using 70 or 62 ?