View Full Version : Clear duplicate locations for same address to increase data quality

11-17-2011, 05:01 AM

its almost christmas, so I thought about my wishes ... Besides gifts I also came up with modifications I would like to have in the next version of MapPoint (i'm currently using MapPoint 2011 Europe). Here is another one ...

What really annoys me is the ResultQuality of some addresses. Even when stating addresses properly using street including(!) house number, zip, city, country you'll get a ResultQuality of 2 (geoAmbiguousResults). Please have a look on the picture to see an example from Germany.

I really appreciate the ResultQuality property because it actually shows that the result might not be the best. But in cases where the address is fully specified I should not get two or three different geographic locations for the same address.

Therefore my wish is to clear duplicate locations that belong to the same fully specified address.