View Full Version : How to get current GPS coordinates?

12-07-2011, 09:45 AM
I’m trying to develop a C# application using MapPoint 2011, and I need help getting the current GPS coordinates from MapPoint. I have the “To” address, but not the “From” address. So, I’m trying get the Lat. & Long. from MapPoint, to use it as a start address to get the directions and start navigation. Is there a way to get the Lat. & Long. programmatically from MapPoint? My application currently takes Lat. & Long, and does everything else I need, but I’ve no idea how to pass the Lat. & Long. from the GPS.

MapPoint is currently connected to the GPS, so I can't write a program to talk directly to the COM port. It would be nice if MapPoint API has properties like the ones given below.


I’d really appreciate any help.