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Streets & Trips Team Blog
01-12-2012, 07:40 PM
Time to toss the September POI Megafile in the trash and download the new Jan 2012 update.

What’s new and improved (since the September release)?

Pure-Gas (Ethanol free) gas stations (courtesy of pure-gas.org (http://www.pure-gas.org))
Canadian Walmarts that don’t allow Overnight Parking (N.O.P.)
Dump Stations Public
Dump Stations (King of Kaka)
Escapee Private Discount Parks
Escapee Days End (US and Can)
Golden Corral Restaurants
RideToEat (1000 reviewed places to eat)
Sams Club
Sams Club with Fuel
Walmart Superstores
Walmarts with Fuel
Walmarts that don’t allow overnight parking
That’s it for now. 220 POI collections all in one Mega file to save you time and effort in your trip planning and traveling. Happy New Year to All!

This is a free download and works with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011.* It will even work with the free 60 day trial version.* It will not work with S&T 2010.

How does it work?

Step 1.*Download from here (http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2595-poi-mega-file-pushpin-collections-truckers-rvers-other-travelers#post18929). *If you know how to extract a zip file then download the smaller Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Jan.zip version. If you don’t know what a zip file is (no worries) just download the larger Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Jan.stt version to your desktop.

Step 2.* Double-click on the downloaded Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Jan.stt and S&T will open with the POI Megafile loaded.
Step 3. Plan a trip and save the file with a new name (eg. WinterTrip-SouthernCal.est)

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More... (http://msstreets.com/2012/01/12/streets-trips-2011-poi-megafile-january-update/)