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01-12-2012, 09:31 PM
I spent the day searching this forum for this information but came up empty handed...

I find that pushpins for found addresses are placed too close to the center of the streets. This makes it difficult to easily and quickly determine which side of the street the addresses are on.

I need help finding an approach to offset the pushpin to the correct side of the street that the address is on.

Is there a way in MapPoint to at least determine which side of the street the address is on?

Eric Frost
01-12-2012, 10:47 PM
Hi and Welcome to the Forums!

If I may ask, what version of MapPoint are you using?

In any case, I don't think MapPoint does "side of street" geocoding, although there are other solutions from Microsoft such as Bing Maps for Enterprise that I think does to "rooftop geocoding".

Maybe, depending on the city and your knowledge of the area, you could possibly do a custom offset?


01-13-2012, 01:09 AM
Thank you very much for your fast reply!

I am using MapPoint 2011 (desktop).

I was thinking that if I could even determine the direction (NWSE) of the street that the pushpin was on I could at least shift the coordinates of the pin one direction or the other (programatically of course).

Unfortunately, I need support for all of Canada and the U.S. so it's difficult to customize for a smaller area.

What I find strange is that I can click on the side of pretty much any street and a white dot will appear on the correct side of the street with a tooltip, clearly indicating the side of the street that the address belongs on. However, when I search for the very same address and have the system place a pushpin in that location it does not appear in the same location as that small white dot. Even the coordinates between the white dot and the pushpin are slightly different for the same address. So I was hoping there was a way to programatically get the coordinates for the white dot to place a pushpin there instead. (I can send you a picture of what I mean if need be)

If I right click the white dot and add it as a route starting point, the starting point is set in the same location as the white dot.

Just a little background... the overall issue I am dealing with is really the following:

I am loading pushpins for a set of addresses across a city and then querying drawn shapes for a collection of pushpins (addresses) within those shapes. Essentially I am doing this as a means of creating custom drawn territories. The issue I have is when the boundaries of two shapes run along the same street addresses end up in the wrong shape depending on where the pushpin is located, an exaggerated offset would help the pushpin fall into the correct shape (territory).

Anyway, I figured I would just get this out there to see if anyone else has ran into the same issue.

Thanks again!