View Full Version : Is MapPoint a good stuff for me ?

10-02-2012, 10:27 AM

In my Compagny, we sell software (Borland C++) that manage vehicle fleet.
The vehicle are localized in real-time and showed as icons in my home-made cartography windows.
Currently we use raster maps. (buy from national service).

I wonder know if MapPoint component can fit my needs ?
- Can we import layers that we can Show/Hide ? (Shapefiles, Raster (satellite picture) ?)

- Can we interact with Object Icons inside the component ?
(example : dlb-click on Icon -> send an SMS to the Vehicle).

- may the component show real-time positions ?
(The location of the vehicle is update each second in the database,
can I set Timer in order to have the vehicle Icons moving on the map ?)
- May the icons be Animated.

MapPoint activeX component is available for the buying of Standard MapPoint software ?
- Do you know if there is a licence cost for each final software (use of the map database) ?

Thank's in advance for your answers, I'm quiet lost in Gis World.


Eric Frost
10-02-2012, 10:40 AM
MapPoint can't quite do everything (cannot import raster layers) but almost...

First: every user does need a license.

For real-time tracking, depending on exactly the features in your software, you may need a special license that costs about $900. Regular licenses are about $250. So you might want to investigate this first.

Note that MapPoint is actually very popular for vehicle tracking applications, I'm sure you've seen some of your competitors using it!

Custom pushpin symbols - yes
Import shape files as drawing objects - yes
Interact with pushpins and drawing objects - yes
Show real-time pushpins - yes
Animated symbols - yes in a way, you could just keep switch symbols so it looks animated

To show raster layers, you could have a separate control that covers the MapPoint control, and toggle between the two... I haven't done this, but I'd imagine it should work easily given your existing framework.

One great advantage with MapPoint is that you don't need an internet connection to show maps (like you would with Bing Maps) and there are no transaction or rendering costs, all the maps are installed locally and used as much as you want with no extra costs.

Hope this helps!