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Kate Kremer
12-05-2012, 11:07 PM
I see that it is possible to include several layers of data on one map. But I do not understand how to do this. When I go back in to try to add another layer of data the map simply looses the data that was in and changes to the new data. I cannot get them both to stay on the map. I am trying to map wages (shaded area)and also my own set of demographic data -population (shaded circles). But I cannot get the sets to stay on the same map. It just flips from one set of data to the other.

I am a new user and am very frustrated that I cannot find an answer. It seems like a basic function. I do see that I can add a secondary layer using the mapPoint demographics but that data is too old and I want to use my own.

Secondarily, is there any way that I can go in and update their demographics and add my own?

Eric Frost
12-06-2012, 11:22 AM
Can you post some sample data to work with?

Maybe post an Excel workbook with two worksheets, one with your data to be shaded and then one with your shaded circle data.

Then I can work with the data and post a detailed instruction list to create the map you want (if possible!).


P.S. you may have a zip the file before posting the attachment.

Kate Kremer
12-06-2012, 01:09 PM
Thank you for your help. I need to put the data together and get it to you but that will not be till later this evening.

Kate Kremer
12-06-2012, 10:40 PM
735I would like to take the wages and create a shaded map. You can see in the attached table of Washington State counties that there is one wage listed for each county. Layered on top of that I would like to use the population data in this table and create shaded or sized circles to show the population of each county. I am trying to look at the connection between the wage of sheriff's deputies and the population of the county. Thanks for any direction you can give. I can do both of these tasks on different maps but cannot get them to go on the same map. I did not shade the values on the table but hopefully it is clear what data I want to use. It is a very small table.

Eric Frost
12-07-2012, 09:56 AM
This is probably not the best color choices, but is this the sort of map you would like to see?


Let me know and then I'll type up instructions on how it was made.

Kate Kremer
12-07-2012, 01:24 PM
Yes! That is exactly what I want to do. Thanks for any suggestion as to how I can do that!

Eric Frost
12-08-2012, 09:24 AM
Great! First take a look at the attached spreadsheet. I modified yours a little bit. I copied the worksheet so it is two separate worksheets. Also, I removed the extra lines at the top, so the column headers are on row 1.

Then I used the Import Data Wizard, the first time I mapped the shaded areas, and then I mapped the shaded circles. Each time, I selected the respective worksheet. Let me know if you need help with this and I can go into more detail.

Finally, I used the Map Settings pane to check/uncheck certain map layers to make the map "pop" a little bit more (highlight state and county boundaries, turn off extraneous labels and city points).


hope this helps!