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02-26-2013, 10:08 AM
What I have: an excel sheet with an entry for each student in a particular program (eg the Physics dept.) and a corresponding entry for the zip code that they are from.

What I need: A map that shows how many students live in each area code/larger region dependent on the map I am making.

So far I have only been able to make maps that render all the zip codes but all only show 1 person living in that area code (when I can look at the data and there are entries with 2,5,7,13 students from one zip code)

If I do a "shaded area" heat map and attempt to do it by zip code then it says that it can not do that with more than 8 zip codes.

If I try the same thing with "geography for every zoom level" it creates a single range that says between 1 and 2 students live in every zip code.

How do I make a map showing how many people live in a certain area?

I currently have my data in a pivot table with the zip code and the correlating student population from that zip code.

I'm relatively new to this program but this seems like it should be a relatively simple procedure and I've tried everything I can think of to accomplish this goal. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Eric Frost
02-28-2013, 02:55 PM
Hi and Welcome to Map Forums! What version of MapPoint are you using?

Yes, I think MapPoint can get close to what you need right out of the box just using the Data Mapping Wizard.

I keyed in the data you posted, it just took a second. It's now attached. 750

First, import them and make sure you can just display as pushpins by zip code, so far so far, correct?


Now right-click on the pushpin set in the Legend and go to Map Type. Choose Shaded Area and then you will see a dialog like this:


Make sure all the settings appear as they do above, in particular that you are "Adding the values", not "Counting the number of items".

Click Finish or go on to the next dialog to set the ranges/colors.


Pretty map! The tooltip can give you the summary for each county.

Note that one thing you didn't see in the second screenshot above that maybe you were hoping to see was a Geography level for phone Area code. That's not one of MapPoint's built in Geographies, so to do this you'd have to build custom territories maybe using some Area Code / Zip Code list you get from somewhere.

A fun map you might do if you have additional student data and more columns might be to have columns for students from the English dept, Social Sciences, Business School etc. and do Sized Pie maps.

hope this helps and Happy Mapping!