View Full Version : Matching Un-matched Records to Zip Code

08-26-2004, 12:52 PM
I have to create "Multiple Symbol Maps" on a daily basis importing records from an Excel spreadsheet. There are always some records that come up as "un-matched". When I select the Zip Code choice from the available "Potential Locations for This Record" window, the records are "Mapped", yet DO NOT SHOW UP on the map with a Pushpin.

If I attempt to map the SAME locations, but create a "Pushpin Map" instead of the "Multiple Symbol Map", the records matched to Zip Codes DO show up with pushpins! I can't use the "Pushpin Map" for my purposes, though. I need to map addresses for multiple business units on one map.

This is a serious glitch, because you can be looking at a map and think there are only three locations in a given area, when actually there may be more that are "ghosts" - they don't show up with pushpins. If you drag a box around the area and export into Excel, there may be many more records than appear on the map. They're there, but they're not!

HELP!!! I'm confident that I'm not doing this wrong - I've been using the program for a long time and pretty much know what I'm doing. I really think it's a glitch in the software. Any suggestions???

Eric Frost
08-26-2004, 02:26 PM
If I understand correctly, multiple pushpins show up on top of each other.

A couple suggestions:
How often do these records change? Could you get a unique lat/lon (i.e. pushpins shifted from center) for each one and store it with your data? Then you would map by the stored lat/lon.

You might also consider doing a shaded area map on code or a pie chart map with zip code.

Finally, you could program a custom rendering wizard for your data.. it would detect when there are duplicate zip codes and shift subsequent pushpins out in a pattern around the zip code center..