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01-05-2014, 01:38 PM
Hello, I am seeking a consultant to help me improve my real estate data analytic process. Here is what I currently do:

1) I have a mappoint file with 3-year sales data
2) I open that file and search for an address, the new pushpin appears in this file with all sales data
3) I manually have to select a circle or box around this subject address and export the selected data points into excel to get all the sales in that small selected area
4) Excel opens up with 2 tabs (since there are 2 data sets in the map)
5) I manually copy-and-paste the excel data to make 1 excel tab bile
6) I screen capture and paste into powerpoint for printing

I have to do this over 1,000 times per month. I use a mouse/keyboard recording and playback program to help with automation, but it stops all the time and is very fragile. I know there is a better way, especially in having to manually export into excel each time.

If you think you can help with this automation, please contact me. I will show you exactly what I do and the final product.


01-06-2014, 09:20 AM
I'm about to send a message through vBulletin. It sounds like the vast bulk of what you are doing can be automated.

I'd like to add a comment here though: I don't understand why you are using Powerpoint to print the data? Why not print from Excel? Excel can also be nicely formatted (again, this could be automated).

Katarina Odemark
01-14-2014, 10:58 AM
I am also interested in this problem. I Think it would be fine if you can write a small add-ins which take care of the excel-data.
But can anyone tell me how to get the excel-data from the pushpin? I have Puspin.name and pushpin.note but the excel-data seems to be hidden somewhere.
Thanks for help and regards

Eric Frost
01-14-2014, 12:39 PM

Do you have code now? How far did you get?

You have to loop over the dataset, something like this:

Dim RS As MapPoint.Recordset
Set RS = MAP.Datasets(1).QueryAllRecords
Do While Not RS.EOF
For Each fld in RS.Fields
Debug.Print fld.Value

Hope this helps!

Katarina Odemark
01-17-2014, 04:42 AM
Hi Eric!
Thanks for the code it worked well! I was interested to write an Add-Ins to Ylja but he told me that you already started with some macros.
If you have som job for me (in Europe?), tell me. Thanks again for the code it was new for me. Regards Katarina.

Eric Frost
01-21-2014, 10:52 PM

I'm doing some macro work for him, but they are very specific for what he is doing.

Do you want to write me? consulting@mp2kmag.com with your requirements?

I'm a bit tied up right now, but unless you need something major, I could probably turn in around in a few days or so and I'd be glad to help!