View Full Version : Automatically Importing / Exporting Territories with Excel & MapPoint

04-02-2014, 12:34 PM
In our company we have a field team with 259 territories divided up into 8 Districts. At least twice a year we have to fine tune the mapping of the stores assigned to territories. We have been using Streets & Trips and just got MapPoint for the managers.

This means that traditionally we have had to manually copy and paste each of the 259 territories into their own individual tabs in Excel and import each one individually in order to get have each territory with its own pushpin.

Is there a way that MapPoint can tell the territories and assign each on its own pushpin automatically in one import?

And as a wishful thinking follow up question, if we make any changes, i.e. change a store from one dataset (territory) to another we can export that out to Excel again?

04-03-2014, 10:40 AM
Hi, I am not quite sure what you are looking for; for my understanding, you have a dataset, comprising of X stores ( X=> 259) in 259 territories, = 8 districts. If you create 1 Excel table with all these elements in columns, you will be able to create territories, assuming the 259 have a distinctive ID, MapPoint would color the territories and show the ID's. Obviusly you need to build a second map for the 8 districts, which will show in a similar format.