View Full Version : Mappoint 2013 hangs in FindResults

06-05-2014, 09:44 AM
European version!

I have some code in Excel/VBA which creates a mappoint object and then loops calling calling FindResults to check validity of addresses. This generally works well but with a new set of not very good addresses it is frequently hanging and Mappoint has to be killed. I can see Mappoint sitting at 25% CPU solidly. I call hanging if it uses 5 minutes of CPU. Have not waited longer as it normally returns after less than a second.

Set oFind = oMap.FindResults(cell.Value) <--- does not return from this call
Select Case oFind.ResultsQuality

An example address which causes the hang is ", Porto Salvo, , Oeiras, Portugal" . I know the commas are all over the place but there are other similar addresses which work fine
e.g. ", C/ León y Castillo, 292,, , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain". And it is not just Portugal causing the problem.

This is really annoying :taz:as it means I am taking hours to wade through the 1600 addresses. About 1 in 20 addresses causes the hang. It is returning all flavours of ResultsQuality for other addresses so that's working.

This has to be a bug, doesn't it? But I Googling has found nothing.