View Full Version : How to make Google maps display the coordinates of longitude and latitude in ArcMap

Arceyes Doyle
06-16-2014, 12:52 AM
This post aims tell you the best way to make Google maps display the coordinates of longitude and latitude in ArcMap
First you need to download and install the Maps Downloader For Google Satellite.
Click the button "Select Region" to choose any region you want to download.
Choose the region you need to download, take America for example
Double-click in the range of boxes, display "New Task".
In this dialog box, we can name the task as "America" and choose download class 1 to 8, and finally click "OK" to start the download task.
During the downloading process,we can click the satellite map tasks in the task list"America". And click “Export Mosaic to Image” to know the downloading result. But you should notice that if you want to know the downloading result you must zoom it to the download level. When you finish the downloading task, it will ask you whether to export the images, at this time please click "OK", it will immediately display "Select Tasks" dialog box.
In this dialog box, we just need to choose the satellite map task "America" (if you choose the label tasks, the label will be separate exported) and click "OK" button, it will display" Export", in this dialog box the selected export type is "Mosaic:To one image", select save type for "GeoJPG (*.jpg)", in order to display the coordinate in ArcMap, here we must be sure to choose the "JGW coordinate".
Hit the "Export" button, you will be asked if they need to be overlayed label, please click "Yes".
When finished the exporting task, it will automatically open the export results, each class will create a directory to store download results separately.
You can open it and view the result of each folder joining together, choose a suitable level for your own use. Here we open the folder and view the 8th level, in addition to generate the JPG file in folder, also have JGW and JPG. The aux, xml these are two ancillary coordinates documents, it cannot be opened in the ArcMap coordinates without it.
Launch ArcMap, click "+" button.
Select the data storage path "D: \ SGDownload \America_Mosaic[Default]" in the "America _Mosaic[Default" directory.
Hit "Add" button to add data to the ArcMap.
Google satellite map is Mercator projection, so when you open it doesn't display the latitude and longitude coordinates. How to make it displayed as longitude and latitude? Please take a look at the following process.
We click the "new project" button, create a new project.
Then on the root node layer "the Layers" click the right mouse button and select "Properties..."menu.
Select the"Coordinate Systems > World > WGS1984 " in the displayed the "Data Frame Properties".And then click the"OK "button.
Again click the “+”button.
Choose the data store paths D:\SGDownload\America_Mosaic[Default]\L08 directory.
Click "Add" button, when you add data it will tell you the following data source use a geographic coordinate system that is different from the one used by the data frame you are adding the data into.
After the dynamic projection, the loaded of the satellite map has been deformation, and coordinate has been shown for the latitude and longitude.
You can download it for a free trail. (http://www.arceyessoft.com/download/sggs.zip)