View Full Version : COM add-in to MapPoint for maps to display only filtered data from Excel datasheet source

Kader Diallo
11-13-2015, 03:08 PM
I am working on creating MapPoint maps by linking them to Excel tables. These tables contain a lot of data which makes the maps I created cluttered and not easy to visualize information on. To solve the issue, I'm thinking about using a slicer to make the Excel tables display only part of the rows at a time and have the maps only display the data selected with the help of the slicer. I believe that it could be possible to do that by adding a COM add-in to MapPoint and writing code to tell MapPoint to only display on the map the data filtered in the Excel table using the slicer. Has anyone tried that, and if yes how can this be done? I don't really have programming skills so if that is possible, the next thing would be to help me write a code to get MapPoint to do that....Please let me know if that's completely far-fetched as it's just a crazy idea that I had to try to solve my problem. FYI, I'm using MapPoint 2011 North America and Excel 2010