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07-25-2000, 04:02 AM
Ed. Note - If you are looking for information about the infamous "MapPoint Norway" bug, see

Microsoft in Norway and UK have actually not been able to help me on this one so now I have a little hope that someone out there or maybe the right persons in Microsoft (California?) can help me..

I wonder whether it's possible to embed MapPoint 2001 activeX component in an OLE container and program the MapPoint 2001 object library. We have already managed to automate it from a remote Visual Basic application, but want to have it inside our own Visual Basic application (for example access the objects directly from buttons which is inside the same form as Mappoint activeX component..). It actually can seem like that Microsoft have tried to prevent the user from do this task due to different reasons.. or maybe I'm wrong ?

Maybe there exist some possible developers edition of Microsoft 2001 (maybe not mentioned in Microsofts publications/papers) which can make such type of embeding possible? What's the price and other conditions if such option do exist?

Hope someone understands what I really mean and that someone possibly can help in some ways :-) !

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07-25-2000, 04:02 AM
The 2002 version of MapPoint includes a MapPoint ActiveX Control that was specifically designed with needs like yours in mind.