View Full Version : While Adidas is pushing for greater success in the US

06-08-2016, 03:14 AM
In 2005, Adidas tried to catch up by acquiring its Nike Air Max 2015 Femme (http://www.animmusic.fr/Nike-Air-Max-2015-Femme-c-1_16.html) US competitor Reebok.Hainer, who has led Adidas since 2001, called the $3.8bn deal “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. But it has not paid off so far. Last year, Adidas dropped to the No 3 rank in North America for the first time, falling behind newcomer Under Armour.

But Adidas is far from giving up. Last year, the company promoted two Americans to top management roles. Mark King, who previously ran the golf division TaylorMade, is now overseeing the North America business, while Eric Liedtke is taking care of the group’s brands. Adidas has also hired three of Nike’s top designers to join its newly established design studio in Brooklyn – a more trendy workplace than the company’s headquarters in the rural Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach.

Despite the frenzy among Kanye fans whenever a new “Yeezy” goes on sale, industry experts are doubtful Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose (http://www.jacqueslebricoleur.fr/nike-air-max-c-27/nike-air-max-90-femme-rose-c-27_53/) about the size of the benefit it brings to Adidas. “Such collaborations will continue to help the company’s brands bolster sales in the short term, but they are unlikely to provide a significant boost Nike Free 5.0 Womens (http://www.willtaylar.co.uk/nike-free-c-40/nike-free-50-womens-c-40_42/) to long term revenues”, says Natasha Cazin, analyst at Euromonitor International.

Stars come and go, and so do customers and their fashion preferences. “Young consumers are not as loyal as their older counterparts, they switch brands quite often”, says Metzelder. Brands can soon be forgotten, he adds. “Who would have thought that a brand like Nokia could disappear?”

While Adidas is pushing for greater success in the US, Nike is making gains in the core business of its German rival: football. Although Adidas is official partner of the German football federation DFB until 2018 and and Fifa until 2030, some domestic stars do not feel a patriotic Nike Air Max 90 Donne (http://www.scarpemaxdonnait.it/Nike-Air-Max-90-Donne-c-42_56.html) pull when it comes to footwear. In the World Cup final last year, Germany’s Mario G?tze scored the winning goal in a pair of neon yellow Nike boots.