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08-09-2016, 02:38 AM
The Superstar truly fulfils Adidas Ultra Boost Sale (http://www.trainerssize.co.uk/adidas-ultra-boost-c-33/) these criteria. It was launched as a basketball shoe in 1969. The design was revolutionary for professional basketball players: the ‘rugged rubber toe cap' protected the toes while the herringbone sole provided the traction to the floor. By the mid-seventies, the Superstar was worn by almost 75% of all basketball pros.
A product might have been created for a very specific purpose. That doesn't mean it has to be Buy Adidas Pure Boost 2.0 (http://www.trainerssize.co.uk/adidas-pure-boost-c-37/) confined within that very purpose. The Superstar was born in sports, but transcended its borders into the world of style when Run DMC took it to the street, making the shoe a part of the hip hop culture. Their ode to the Superstar ‘My adidas' made it immortal. On a larger scale, adidas turned this into a business model. Once a pure sports player, the brand has grown strong off the pitch as well.

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You have to have the right people to endorse a product at the right time. When Run DMC wrote an ode to the ‘Superstar', influencer marketing was in its baby shoes. Nowadays, brands need to anticipate who the role models and creative minds of the future will be and work with them to inspire consumers. “The product is to be respected, but the way you launch it should always be fresh,” states Nic Galway, Vice President Design Adidas Climacool 1 Outlet (http://www.trainerssize.co.uk/adidas-climacool-c-38/) at adidas Originals. When it comes to the Superstar, Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and David Beckham are only some of many endorsers.