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09-27-2016, 02:23 AM
Fantastic VHD Data Recovery software is a brilliant software can easily enable to repair & rescue Virtual file data by user-friendly algorithms of VHD recovery application.The software accurately recovers complete data such as images, documents, spreadsheets, pictures, audios and videos from damaged virtual machine.It can recovers all Multimedia/Image Files, Database Files and Office Documents from virtual machines. It also performs recovery from virtual drives based on exFAT, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems.

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James Britton
09-28-2016, 01:14 AM
Get Excellent VHD Data Recovery software which is an ultimate utility to repair deleted or lost data from Microsoft (VHD), Oracle (VDI) and VMware (VMDK) image files. If have missed you important data then use advance third party VHD Recovery Tool. VHD recovery software can recover your all types VHD files (images, contacts, database files, audio video files and pictures etc.). You can get more information about VHD Recovery Tool using the link: VHD File Recovery using VHD Recovery Software (http://recoveryandmanagement.com/2016/04/09/how-to-perform-vhd-recovery/)

09-29-2016, 04:26 AM
Kernel for VHD is a prominent third party data recovery software, allows users to extract complete data from corrupt or damaged virtual hard disk drive easily. The software supports the recovery of VHD file data from both FAT and NTFS file partition of virtual hard disk. Free evaluation version of the software is available to download from: VHD Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Data from Damaged VHD (http://www.nucleusdatarecovery.org/vhd-recovery.html)

10-17-2016, 04:52 AM
Before anyone can use any paid VHD recovery tool, he/she must try a couple of manual tricks to repair VHD file.

First, you can run a script on Windows PowerShell that will help you mount the VHD file in the root folder, and then you can run a CHKDSK on it.
Also you can try this: create a new Virtual Machine, add the corrupt Virtual disk file to it and then compact it.

If they work, it's fine. But if they fail, you can try VHD tool provided by Microsoft. It's a freeware utility you can try to repair VHD file. You can read this blog post for more information:

Repair VHD File Manually Utmost Solutions for VHD Recovery | N. Sem's Blog (http://wordpress.semnaitik.com/2016/03/29/repair-vhd-file-manually/)

If nothing work for you, you're left only one solution: professional VHD Recovery software (http://www.sysinfotools.com/recovery/vhd-recovery.php). You can download demo version first for free evaluation. I hope the shared information would be helpful.

Thanks and best regards.

12-05-2016, 03:10 AM
Use VHD Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt or Deleted File from VHD Drive (http://www.vhd.recoverydeletedfiles.com/) which is an ultimate utility to get back deleted or lost data from Microsoft (VHD), Oracle (VDI) and VMware (VMDK) image files. It allows recovery of all the data like database, Office files, audio, image, videos, archive and backup files and other data.