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09-29-2016, 10:01 PM
Impact compaction of subgrade by impact roller The impact compaction technology was first developed in South Africa. In the 1990s, I introduced the technology, mainly used for compaction of airports, roads and mine yard. Because of its role in energy, to the construction of the project to obtain significant results, which by the engineering community generally attention, and gradually be extended.
Impact roller has been widely used in various basic engineering compaction, such as the airport runway, reservoir dam seepage control, especially in the old road reconstruction project, weak foundation treatment, the new compaction of embankment and other aspects of the Application more widely. China's first impact roller in 1996 in Henan Province Highway Construction Machinery Plant Road trial, to the present, more than 10 enterprises have successfully produced or trial production.
Compaction mechanism of impact roller:
Compaction mechanism The impact of the role of roller is driven by the tractor non-circular wheel rolling. Polygon roller radius caused by the size of the potential energy gap with the combination of driving kinetic energy along the road surface to fill the static pressure, rubbing and impact of continuous rolling operation. It broke through the traditional way of rolling, when its corner on the ground, rolling forward, it will have a huge shock wave, a strong shock wave to the deep underground transmission, with the characteristics of the spread of the earthquake. As the crushing sequence of continuous impact to the ground, can fill the body rolling uniform compact. Impact compaction roller is characterized by the use of a certain quality of the object, from a certain height at the drop, the impact was pressure
Material, so that the material produces a great stress change speed.
Unlike conventional vibratory compaction, impact compaction changes the high-frequency, low-amplitude "vibratory beat" compaction of a vibratory roller into a "high-energy impact" compacting mode with a low vibration frequency and high amplitude, and this improved Compaction method can produce a peak force pulse (2000KN), and the output of energy, role in depth. Impact roller with such a huge impact impact filling body, supplemented by rolling, kneading pressure and other comprehensive role, can make the earth and stone mixture to better overcome the friction between the particles produced sliding and rolling, rearranged to More stable equilibrium position up, reducing the pore volume.
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