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10-14-2016, 03:07 AM
1, With volume Eyelash curler Eyelash curler, clip the eyelashes when, from lash root to tip of lashes, 1.1 points to clamp several times. No curlers hand can help pull the eyelid up easy grip all the eyelashes, but also from the roots up, makes eyelashes naturally curly.

2 brush, mascara brush and vertical double coated

Cyclophosphamide brush eyelashes on, starting from the brush. Cross Eyelash brush head, insert below the roots of the eyelashes Eyelash on lateral from root to tip of 1.1 to zigzag back and forth rubbing the smudge.li lash (http://www.lashserumstore.com/) is mainly on the eyelashes,Twenty three people reported irritation after using Lilash.it is a good product for eyelashes.lilash eyelash enhancer (http://www.eyelashserumshop.com/) is the best product to improve our lashes.

II and then brush the lashes, brush head shaft. On the left and right eye Eyelash brush finished, before you start the painted lower lashes. With its lower lashes Eyelash brush vertically around a little vibrating brush, above the eyes to see.

Repeat put on eyelashes, vertical brush makes eyelashes long lashes on the back, this time to vertical using the eyelash curler. Eyelashes, tip a little bit to pull out, adding growth fiber mascara is better.

II return to the lower lashes, horizontal brush line, apply the lashes again, brush head attached to Eyelash root gently sideways. Because of the short lashes, so should be small Eyelash lengthening of a line shape