View Full Version : Three skills make you get confindence

10-17-2016, 03:08 AM
Skills 1: Under the eyebrow with matte light-colored eye shadow pen to mention bright
There was a makeup artist told me that light-colored eye shadow is essential for her work, light-colored eye shadow pen is more portable and one of the magical tools. With a matte light pink eye shadow eyebrow pencil to mention brow, can give the eye to bring a pulling effect of compact. When painting the shape along the eyebrow, close to brow brow.

Skills 2: eyelid on the sweep on the transparent loose powder
As long as the eyelid on the sweep on a little transparent powder, do not wear false eyelashes also make eyelashes appear more fullness. Some crush on the false eyelash glue is particularly sensitive, but they want to flutter flash flash eyelash effect, so make-up artists in the Tu mascara, often with a brush to take a little transparent powder sweep in eyelashes and eyelid intersection, the shiny Of the particles can provide a good light and shadow foil, to further enhance the moving effect of eyelashes.lilash serum (http://www.ilashcanada.com/) is mainly on the eyelashes,Twenty three people reported irritation after using Lilash.it is a good product for eyelashes.lilash eyelash (http://www.ilash-uk.com/) is the best product to improve our lashes.

Skills 3: In the middle of the lips of the light pearl eye shadow
Lips are too thin often appear facial features, witty make-up artists at this time will be light with light pearl eye shadow in the center of the lips, make lip makeup more three-dimensional, showing a abundance of results. Note shallow pearl eye shadow not too much, the point in the center of the lips should be uniform, and finally with the finger blooming to make it more natural.