View Full Version : Eight steps make eyelashes get long and thick

10-17-2016, 03:12 AM
Step1: check the height of both sides of Mei Feng, face the mirror, the brush flat on the top of the two eyebrows, check the height of Mei Feng on both sides, if the height difference between the two sides did not exceed 0.3cm, only need to repair eyebrow peak; Proposed repair eyebrows, it will be easy to destroy the complete eyebrow.

Step2: the facial features between the sarses removed, the first large-area Soke between the facial features, with a complete razor shave.

Step3: tweezers removal near the eyebrows Department of fine Soke, with tweezers pulled near the eyebrows at the small Soke, pulling the time to clamp the roots, along the uprooted. Note that as long as you can slowly pull the edge of the Soke, pulling too much make eyebrows produce voids.

Step4: comb the eyebrows, the use of eyebrow comb or eyebrow brush, eyebrows to the location of the eyebrows to the eyebrow comb.

Step5: Meifeng to Mei Mei eyebrows down comb.Are you worry about your thin, sparse eyelashes? Does it seem to take?forever to apply your mascara or stickup fake eyelashes because your?thin and short eyelashes?But you can select latisse (http://www.latisse-buy.com/) or latisse eyelash growth (http://www.latisseyelashserum.com/) .They are different drugs, but all can help eyelash growth.

Step6: the edge of the eyebrow trim a neat arc, the use of curved scissors, the comb after finishing the edge of the eyebrow trimmed neat arc.

Step7: with a steel comb to eyebrows to stir up after the cut short, if the eyebrows are too long, you can use steel comb to eyebrows to stir up after the cut short.

Step8: eyebrows and hair between the hairs shaved, the hair between the eyebrows and hair shaved clean. If the eye end of the C part of the obvious hairs, but also to shave, will make the makeup look clean.