View Full Version : Why your skin is black is better than others

10-18-2016, 02:59 AM
Reason 1: ignore the clean face product, a lot of people think whitening cleanser, always wash off!So use it or not, the difference is not big!But actually wash your face really can "wash in vain", wash a face you don't look down upon this step!Stimulus such as skin from ultraviolet light, and the generated melanin, if the skin metabolism, will the skin epidermis cutin layer to form the "black power".At that time, you also cannot leave a can effectively clean the old waste cutin of skin cleansing products!gluta lapunzel (http://www.glutalapunzelshop.com/) Aturan Konsumsi gluta panacea (http://www.glutapanaceashop.com/),1 kapsul di pagi hari dan 1 kapsul sebelum tidur setiap hari dengan air hangat .Buat yang penasaran Produk ini AMAN untuk BUSUI, anjuran-nya konsumsi 4 jam sebelum hendak menyusui.

Reason 2: eating light food is in the sun, vitamin C is essential nutrients, is also highly effective antioxidant, but also white.Although fruits and vegetables contain rich health C, however, if the daytime eat light food, such as lemon, celery, carrots, papaya, etc., it will be easier to tan only.

Reason 3: super hot summer bask in black, ultraviolet ray, the skin become black, the murderer!Want to white, how can not prevent bask in!Ultraviolet (uv) no heat, so according to the weather temperature bask to determine whether you need this kind of behavior, rather wonky!!!!!!Even any time in the sun, reflected light, the skin will be exposed to different levels of ultraviolet rays, all want to bask in!In the interior will also prevent bask in.

Reason 4:After drying the invasion of free radicals can cause internal inflammatory skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, if this time on the surface of the skin whitening work blindly, will only make the deep not thorough cleaning and whitening skin, the time is long, the skin is completely black because of the melanin precipitation