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10-21-2016, 02:07 AM
DIY Chinese medicine sun care a lot of benefits, but Bi Lin Tong Li Biyu registered Chinese medicine practitioners also remind you to select the medicine when you please  professional Chinese medicine practitioners. "Each herb has its own properties, we must choose to use for their skin, such as scutellaria, although the effective lifting of the skin toxins, but also dry skin dry skin, dry skin, dry skin will be used Dry, more harm than good.In addition, DIY sunscreen products do not contain preservatives, so the best system that is used, even if the points are not used more than 5 days, and to be stored in a cool dry place.latisse online (http://www.latisse-buy.com/) is actually a version of a glaucoma drug in eye drop form called latisse bimatoprost (http://www.latisseyelashserum.com/)(brand name Lumigan, manufacturer Allergan, Inc.), in use since FDA approval in 2001. During that period, eye doctorsand their glaucoma patients noticed the hair growth side effect, with longer, lusher eyelashes appearing over time.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory that aloe, green tea and pearls, such as whitening, uniform color, resistance to UV damage and other effects. Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital dermatology completed a study that Scutellaria and Chuanxiong can inhibit melanin to a certain extent on the skin damage. The results showed that SPFs of 35, 29, 20 and 19 were provided for the development and application of natural Chinese medicine sunscreen, as long as the contents of Scutellaria baicalensis, Lilac, honeysuckle and safflower reached 0.8mg / ml.

Method: Scutellaria and Sophora grind to crushed, add two bowls of water to fire about 15 minutes. To be cool after the slag take liquid, deposited in the spray bottle. 3 days is better. This skullcap spray formula in addition to anti-sun, but also anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, most suitable for oily or acne skin. Aloe, bitter almond, peach kernel to freckle antioxidant.