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10-22-2016, 01:22 AM
Cosmetics in the less there are more than dozens of concealer products, liquid-like, paste, strip, cream-like different texture. Temporarily ignore the price and brand, anyway, must find a suitable for you. The next task is: how these concealer cleverly cover the skin blemishes. After a lot of women bought but do not know how to use to make them play the best level. Now we have a professional makeup artist to provide you with excellent concealer skills to help you present a soft skin.lumigan online (http://www.lumigan-eyelash.com/) is a medical drug for the treatment of glaucoma. Many people call this drug cosmetical and often use it for another purpose: increasing the length of the lashes.bimatoprost eyelash serum (http://www.lumigan-usa.com/) is an unsaturated fatty acid, similar to hormones. Getting into the eye Lumigan helps to maintain the balance of inflow and outflow of ocular fluid.

Appropriate tools: Eyeliner Brush: can be appropriate to pick up concealer products and can be accurately coated in the need to conceal the site. Triangle puff: the most suitable pick up liquid-like Concealer, can be easily pushed uniform Concealer.

Concealer rule
1, press, nudge, often a model of random open eye makeup, really for their pinch cold sweat. No matter how much you hate your dark circles, do not press hard, push the concealer, do not forget the skin around the eyes, but very fragile, if you do not want to increase a few fine lines, please lenient it!

2, with the site, the use of different texture Concealer, which is like a headache to eat painkillers, cough cough syrup drink the same reason. If the site of choice in the eye dry concealer, and soon will be able to see it split into horrors, than not cover is also terrible; to cover acne but with a thin liquid paste, not achieve the role of Concealer, White Busy a field.

3, quickly pushed open, general Concealer dry quickly, after painting, it is best to open it.