View Full Version : A good eyebrow can shape both eyes

10-26-2016, 01:23 AM
A good eyebrow can shape both eyes, but also modified face, so draw a good eyebrow for the beauty of a woman can be said to have a pivotal role. So, how to draw eyebrows?

Long face: natural eyebrow
For long-faced people, you want to be able to stretch the width. You can try to Ping Mei (small arch), but do not consider the dense eyebrows. Slim, lighter eyebrows will be more attractive, because the thick eyebrows and dark eyebrows will make your face look like a cross.In order to enhance the Stereo feeling of eyes, we should buy some product,such as lilash serum (http://www.ilashserum.com/) or lilash purified eyelash serum (http://www.ilashsale.com/).Type with a thick coils become warped eyelash brush besmear eyelash creams, for 30 seconds after the paste work partly, brush again, make eyelash to achieve maximum thickness of. But it is easy to stick together, or stick to the skin.

Round face: thick arched eyebrow
Thick arched eyebrows and soft cheek curvature can be compared, this visual effect will be elongated face.

Heart-shaped face: low arch brow
Heart-shaped face of the girls to be glad that they have a sharp chin: do not need to modify it has been very nice. Excessive pruning of the eyebrows would have been very prominent forehead more attractive attention. So only need to clean up a good Soke, to ensure clean and tidy.

Square face: sharp arched eyebrow
Avoid too straight, too short eyebrows, which makes the face look more square, and if the eyebrows are longer and there is obviously too ambitious eyebrows will be integrated outline of the chin, will make people look more atmospheric fashion.