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Mozeliak Expects Cardinals To Lose Staff Members - RealGM Wiretap With the St. Louis Cardinals enjoying their fourth World Series appearance in the last 10 years Cheap Jerseys China (http://www.cheapnflchinawholesalejerseys.com/) , John Mozeliak expects other clubs to hire people away from the National League champions.
"This success is likely going to propel some people because there is no doubt you're going to see (clubs) trying to look at ways to emulate what's happening here," Mozeliak said. "So, frankly, you've got to have quality succession plans in line, and prepare. I think it's a great compliment."
After St. Louis won the 2011 World Series, the Houston Astros hired away Jeff Luhnow as their general manager. He took several employees with him to Houston.
Bryce Harper May Sit Against Left Handers - RealGM Wiretap
The Nationals have considered sitting Bryce Harper against left-handed pitchers down the stretch.
"[Harper is] hitting around .250 and he feels like he probably should hit .400," manager Davey Johnson said. "Instead of trying to be a good hitter and hit line drives everywhere, that you did more so when you first came up here, he's now trying to juice the ball. That's normal with his ability."
Left-handers have been exposing Harper's weakness against off-speed pitches away. At one point in June, the rookie was hitting .366 (15-for-41) with two home runs, two triples Cheap NHL Jerseys (http://www.cheapnflchinawholesalejerseys.com/) , three doubles and four walks against lefties.
In 108 at-bats since then, he is hitting .167 against left-handers.
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