View Full Version : Grafting eyelash can wear contact lenses

12-01-2016, 01:17 AM
Grafting before grafting is the need to please the customer to remove contact lenses.Contact lenses can be roughly divided into rigid contact lenses and soft contact lenses.careprost buy (http://www.careproststore.com/) has reached new level for treating hypotrichosis,shorten more time in helping eyelashes growth with apply Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.Almost all the clients give it positive reviews after using it improve their lashes problems.careprost eyelash serum (http://www.careprost-eyelash.com/) works well on enhancing eyelashes through changing he eyelash hair growth cycles quickly!

Rigid contact lenses: 1. It's the lens diameter is smaller than the cornea, easy to move, close their eyes when may go.2. The lens is hard material, if the solution from inadequate experience, accidentally to the eyelids, may hurt the eye.

Soft contact lenses: 1. Its material itself may absorb the glue volatile components.In addition, the absorption of the volatile component of soft contact lenses can't use again.2. Some customers using a contact lens care undeserved, came to is not clean.Because of unsanitary eye inflammation allergy problem caused by contact lenses may be mistaken for the LIDS.So Suggestions are grafted to remove contact lenses.

Don't rub;Reason is rub your eyes.Discharge makeup will wash gently. When dry;Glue Baptist easier to peel by water for a long time, often go swimming, sauna, will be easier to fall off, be sure to blow dry!More brush.If the direction has been bad, make eyelash accustomed to the bad direction, is easy to pull hook, not good to keep.So, please get into the habit of small brush is used after washing a face every day!