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12-01-2016, 01:19 AM
Thick and long eyelashes for eyes adds a lot of glorious, now a lot of young girls to daily daub eyelash to cream to make eyelash thick, but mascara makeup every day, very troublesome.And more people chose grafting and planting eyelash eyelash, one pace reachs the designated position make eyelash to become beautiful.At present, in the market after the price is in 100 yuan to 200 yuan of eyelash, can maintain ranging from 1 to 2 months, while planting eyelash high of more than ten thousand yuan, but he can keep the advantages of life, and nature, there would be no discharge makeup every day.

Fan Bingbing, our national goddess "Fan Ye Bing," recently a new exposure of a group of movie posters is like this: properly a makeup girl, large pores pale yellow face, Dull, Sichuan pattern looming, black eye bags under the eyes exposed, to see Xiaobian frightened! I ask you like the male ticket is the makeup of it?lilash price (http://www.lashserumstore.com/) is a pricey, but effective, lilash (http://www.ilash-uk.com/) growth product available without a prescription. As claimed by the makers, the Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner is safe and proven formula for those who have sparse, brittle, or short eyelashes.Within eight to ten weeks, lilash eye liner provides a positive result, with fuller and more appealing eye lashes.

So you really naive to think that the hearts of men in the imagination of the prime makeup = you said makeup? Usually, in front of the big black cattle Fan Bingbing makeup but this look drops, ruddy luster, although there is no strong gas field, Makeup, but a good color, but written in the face. Look at the "running man" broadcast Huang Xiaoming arm in the baby no matter from which point of view is a delicate beauty. Skin state full, matte translucent!