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12-27-2016, 04:21 AM
Instructions to transcode from Tivo to MP4 losslessly

How can I remove Tivo Protections? Learn how to get movies off Tivo to MP4 on Windows (10) or Mac (OS Sierra) for easy editing, playing or sharing.

TiVo is a popular home setup box for recording television programs and movies for later playback. If you are a TiVo DVR user, you may make full use of your TiVo file like watching them on PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, etc. you'd better convert TiVo to MP4 video files because it is a popular video format supported by majority video players and TVs. In the following paragraphs, we will quickly walk you through a lossless TiVo to MP4 conversion with least quality loss.


In fact, Tivo is an encrypted video format. Based on its specificity, few video converting tool (http://www.mediadimo.com/top-video-converter.html) can handle it. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (http://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate) is the optimal solution for you. It enables you remove DRM automatically while converting TiVo files to MP4 and all other popular video formats like MKV, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MPG, etc with fast encoding speed and least quality loss.

You could get wonderful output files and never worry about out of audio/video sync. After conversion, you can easily share (http://www.mediadimo.com/mirror-videos.html) converted files to mobile devices or TV wirelessly via Dimo free media server plug-in. If you are using a Mac, you can turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (http://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac). Now free try the TiVo HD Video Converter and follow the guide to accomplish the conversion.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Win/Mac:

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It's easy to transfer recorded TV shows from your TiVo box to your PC so you can watch your favorites wherever you go. Follow the Instructions to Transfer TV shows from TiVo to PC.

1. Launch TiVo Desktop software (http://assets.tivo.com/assets/exe/tivotogo/TiVoDesktop2.8.3.exe) on your PC.
2. Connect TiVo to your home network, and then the TiVo Desktop will provide you with a list of shows for transferring to your PC. Then please transfer the TiVo TV shows you want to PC.
3. Once all the shows you selected have been downloaded from your TiVo, they will appear in the Now Playing list in TiVo Desktop.

Part 2. Converting TiVo to MP4 losslessly

Step 1: Start up this program, and then click "Add file" to import all .tivo files.

Tip: When first loading, Dimo TiVo Converter will ask you to input your Media Access Key. Simply enter your Media Access Key, and click "OK" to confirm.


Step 2: Click the "Select Format" option. Choose MP4 from "Format > Video" list. If you prefer high definition video, you can choose HD MP4 from "Format > HD video" format list.


Step 3: Click "Start" button to start TiVo to MP4 conversion. The conversion process will take a while, and you’ll see an encoding progress bar. Once finished, click the Open button in the main interface and you can locate the encoded TiVo files effortlessly. And then you are able to use these files as you want for your portable devices like iPhone (http://www.mediadimo.com/transfer-videos-to-iphone.html), Kids tablet (http://www.mediadimo.com/put-dvd-to-kids-tablet.html), PC, media player, VR headsets (http://www.mediadimo.com/watch-movies-on-vr-headsets.html#part7) or video editing programs. Enjoy.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:

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Find more New Year Sale (http://www.mediadimo.com/dimo-new-year-giveaway.html) and contact us (support@mediadimo.com) if you have any issues.

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