View Full Version : Some steps to draw a beautiful eye makeup

01-06-2017, 11:54 PM
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Step1. Silver eye shadow play orbital dab silver eye shadow, a large area of brush in the eye socket, range can brush to eyebrow bone place, let the eyes is outstanding, can highlight the deep bright eyes.

Step2. drew 2/3 eyes, dip of blue eye shadow b from eye 1/4 eye 0.5cm eyeliner draw a treaty, eye end don't rise as long as the parallel eyes is OK. Tips! The eye end up a little dizzy, showing a round eye line.

Step3. draw 1/2 eyeliner link under my eyes eyeliner, eye direction down the arc-shaped, under the paint eyeliner, eyeliner under the range is 1/2. Tips! Semicircular line drawing, round eyes! If your eyes are long, line lengths should be aligned under your eyes and lines, and upper and lower eye eyeliner should be bolded.

Step4. painted black eyeliner in light colored eye shadow will make eyes look God, so be sure to choose black eyeliner. Eyelids to turn up, eyeliner in eyelashes carefully painted on the inside.