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01-06-2017, 11:58 PM
Change the breathing mode: the beginning of the morning and evening to spend 30 minutes in the abdominal breathing inspiratory when the stomach has a sense of protruding, exhale when the stomach has flat down feeling, careful not to suck and call, with the usual breathing Way under the change on it.

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How to do abdominal breathing, abdominal breathing method is actually very simple, when we inhale, belly up, exhale, belly tightening, breathing chest do not open, through the abdominal suction, inspiratory time feel Intraperitoneal inward and upward to mention, full inhalation and then deep breath.

Although the beginning may not be accustomed to, but used to help stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote waste discharge from the body, on the other hand can also make the air flow smoothly, increase lung capacity.

Tip1 to brown rice, germ rice, oats and other cereals as the staple food to more fiber brown rice and germ rice to replace the more refined rice, and like sweet potatoes, barley, mung bean and other foods, also rich in fiber, a lot of intake Improve stool problem.

Tip2 choose water-soluble fiber foods, such as ganoderma, konjac, jasmine, love jade, rich in water-soluble fiber, and taste slippery, easy to have satiety, lower calorie, is very ideal weight loss products!