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01-09-2017, 01:20 AM
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STEP1: wet wipes clear finger, avoid losing sticky tape; before taking tape, grease, dust with a damp paper towel on hand clean to prevent adhering dirt after losing viscosity.

STEP2: pull the 2.5-centimeter tape, most easy to cut tape takes about 2.5 per cent, stuck between the index finger and middle finger and stretch.

STEP3: start from the edge! cut in line with eye-double eyelid stickers; start from the edge cut out circular, high about 4 in 1 belt width, length happens to be a distance between two fingers, then can make personal eye of trim.

STEP4: flat clip remove the eye shape paste adhering scissors-eye stick, because its small size, grip tip more easily removed, there is also finger pollution can be avoided.

STEP5: start from end of eye, fixing tape end clamps tape and the other end to put in place within the eye a little bit to high, and wants double eyelids-width, and then put tape on fingers over the rear end.