View Full Version : How to draw eyes of Chinese women

01-09-2017, 01:20 AM
Suddenly many of China's next top model is not a double eyelid, eye makeup so radiant, electric power is infinite. Why? Draw eye makeup can make up for the shortage of single eyelids or inner double eyelids.

Double eyelid to make eye makeup glow in light, modification of eye shadow and mascara is important. Usually within two-eyes eyeliner easily, makeup, if you choose earth tones or smoky eye shadow, and increases Eyelash length and thickness will make them instantly becomes a God.

Step 1: first according to their facial features found to draw eyeshadow and eyeliner,Many girls think brush next eyelash eyelash is a "minefield".it will be brushed to the skin accidentally, or simply did not brush , even the well-painted eye makeup has been destroyed. Today bimatoprost eyelash growth (http://www.bimatoprost-eyelash.com/) can help eyelash growth second, donít need mascara cream.latisse generic (http://www.latisseyelashserum.com/) online store or website.

Step 2: the roots of the lashes with eyeliner and inner eyelid area filled with black, slightly higher end of eye lines appear to have expression.

Step 3: using earthy colors or to sumi grey black eyeshadow powder eyeliner edge, increased durability, and smooth.

Step 4: using eye shadow powder eye within the eyelid to head gradient shading, reinforced the deep feeling.

Step 5: under eye shadow powder shading from eye to eye, adjust the eye shape to parallelogram.

Step 6: clip curling lashes after adhesive natural false lashes, lashes to thick curling effect is the best!