View Full Version : Do not admire the makeup of the actress

01-11-2017, 12:43 AM
But also envy the US actress in the eye makeup it? The following teach you how to draw eye shadow look good, easy to help you create a luxurious European and American metal eye makeup.Meet Matt(e) Trimony is one of thebalm hot sale eye shadow kits-the special occasion palette. Featuring nine versatile shades, these matt(e)s are suitable for any occasion.thebalm (http://www.the-balm.net/) make your eye look so deep and big,the balm cosmetics (http://www.wholesalethebalm.com/) is popular on supermarket,many women should buy and use it.

The first step: first with ordinary wooden eyeliner to draw the outline of the end of eye can be drawn according to the eye type of different eye tail angle. Rough outline of the description does not matter, so after painting can be slightly adjusted!

The second step: the next black eye shadow with the disk to fill the end of the eye part of the attention is from the end of the eye to the coated Oh.

The third step: with golden brown eye shadow back from the eye. Fill the color will be found after the middle of a boundary, very natural. At this limit, carefully back and forth Tu, Tu to the natural transition so far.

Step 4: Then on the face painted a thin eye liner.