View Full Version : Diet considerations for acute glaucoma

01-11-2017, 12:51 AM
1, if the patient's blood sugar can be used for honey, melon, luffa, because these foods have a diuretic effect can accelerate the ocular absorption of aqueous, decreases aqueous production, to reduce intraocular pressure.

2, should increase the intake of fiber-rich foods, eat more foods rich in vitamin a, b, c, e, foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruit, moderate liver, meat, fish, whole grains, vegetable oils and so on; eat wolfberry fruit, peanuts, walnuts, soy milk and other foods of tonifying the liver and kidney.

3, glaucoma [3] visual impairment associated with the blood supply to the optic nerve, so patients diet should be light, it is better to avoid high-fat, high-sugar foods, eat less pepper and other spicy food, stay away from thirsty fried food.

4, glaucoma patients diet should be a regular, not overeating, eating should not be too full, slowly, to stabilize the blood vessel, nerve and endocrine systems have useful.

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