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Article From Article Directory Database Filipino Maid-What We Can Learn from Them Filipino Maid-What We Can Learn from Them June 4 adidas nmd xr1 cz (http://www.originalsboty.cz/adidas-boost-na-prodej/nmd-xr1.html) , 2013 | Author: Alice Sy | Posted in Business A Filipino maid undoubtedly exists along with any maid agency in the world. Wherever there is a household in need of a maid worldwide, the resilient Filipino can travel all the way from the Philippines just to lend a helping hand. We may see them as just that, a helper puma rihanna predaj (http://www.originalsboty.cz/puma-rihanna-creepers.html) , but there is something deeper to them and their job, something we can all learn from.
Domestic workers have something we can all use: sacrifice for others. Their job itself is about hard work just to provide a helping hand in homes. Their most gruesome sacrifice though is beyond the hard work involved. It is about working all your life in another foreign land. Work hard for many years, without your family. You have to bear leaving the country alone puma rihanna creepers cz (http://www.originalsboty.cz/puma-rihanna-creepers.html) , without anyone.
A domestic helper must be always humble; we can all use some humility after all. But the Filipino maid swallows everything, most especially her pride. Let’s face it, in this world serving other people requires loads of patience adidas springblade dámské (http://www.originalsboty.cz/adidas-springblade-levne.html) , understanding and a bending will to submit to orders.
Ever witnessed a sad helper video involving the maid and her family? There are many stories behind a worker separated from the family. Most Filipino maids belong to the poorest families in the Philippines and they work hard not for themselves but for their family as well. In the end, all the sacrifice and hard work is for a family left behind, not for one’s self.
If you are complaining about some petty household chores to fulfill everyday adidas nmd prodej (http://www.originalsboty.cz/adidas-boost-na-prodej/nmd-runner.html) , imagine what the Filipino maid would endure all her life. In the contrary this is where she finds hope and happiness. Living a.