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02-22-2017, 09:23 PM
iPhone is widely used because of its powerful function. However as iPhone is becoming more and more popular, we may face more and more problem of deleted data can be recovered .
if you have a same problem like me ,how to delete iPhone data without recovered ,here , i have found some soultion and share with you ,
In fact, we just need some easy steps to permanently delete everything from iPhone (http://www.erasephone.com/tutorials/delete-everything-from-iphone-ipad-ipod.html) . read more:

Step 1: Install a eraser tool on your computer and connect your iPhone and computer ,
Step 2:Turn on the eraser tool and Scan iPhone device
Step 3:Select the data that you want to permanently delete

When the eraser program is completed , these data can be permanently delete from iPhone , and those data cannot be retrieved again once they are wiped by iPhone Data Eraser, even with any data recovery tool.
You can also use this ios data eraser tool to erase data on iPhone before selling. There are three level to delete data that you can choose.
You can choose one level depend on your needs. After a little while, the progress of deleting will be displayed to indicate the progress of the deletion. When it is finishes, the files on your iPhone are permanently deleted,
So you can use your iPhone as a new one and don't need to worry about your information being leaked.
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