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02-26-2017, 09:49 PM
Relevant data show that the current global aerospace aluminum alloy plate is estimated at 78 million tons, forecast by 2020 global aviation aluminum will reach 1 million tons. In 2015, China's domestic aerospace field with aluminum plate about 50,000 tons, if the growth rate of 15%, by 2020 the domestic demand for aerospace aluminum about 100,000 tons.Stainless steel plate prices (http://steelplateprice.com/)
As the world's leading aluminum processing product R & D manufacturers, China Zhongwang in the field of aviation with aluminum for many years, mastered the core technology, the future development of space is very broad.Stainless steel coils price (http://steelcoilprice.com/)
Aluminum is one of the most important metal materials for aerospace equipment manufacturing. The specific strength and specific stiffness of aluminum alloy are similar to steel, but its density is low, and the same strength level can provide thicker material. Better to become a classic aircraft structural material. High strength aluminum alloy has the advantages of low density, high strength and good thermal processing performance. The plate, extruded profile and hub are widely used in aerospace components.2b surface 304 stainless steel plate supplier (http://steelplateprice.com/stainless-steel/)
China Zhongwang has been deep in the field of aerospace aluminum for many years. It is understood that in 2013 for the aerospace field of aluminum specifications, characteristics and strict quality requirements, China Zhongwang started the "7075 aviation squeeze bar" R & D projects; 2015, China Zhongwang civil aircraft with 7075 alloy The development of thin-walled structural parts to meet the design and manufacture of civil aircraft demand for the company to enter the field of aircraft manufacturing lay the foundation; the same year, China Zhongwang also with Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Aviation Shen Fei Civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. jointly created the tripartite Liaoning Aerospace Aluminum Alloy R & D Joint Laboratory.2017 stainless steel price (http://steelcoilprice.com/steel-price/)