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03-07-2017, 10:36 PM
Create environmental technology
The quality of manufactured goods is also stable, not only to reduce pollution and the burden on landfills, but not to move away from the site to reduce carbon emissions. With the large-scale reclamation, the reclamation project did not pre-remove large amounts of sea mud on the seabed.replacement slats for garden seats (http://woodplasticfence.com/pvc-fence/2468.html)
The exploration report found that the underground treatment was to transport the sea mud to the landfill or the sea dumping area, Spending, the environment also caused heavy load, the Housing Department then study the recycling of marine mud technology.vinyl for deck distributor (http://woodplasticfence.com/solid-deck/2362.html)
The Director of the Hong Kong Housing Department's Development and Construction Branch, Mr Lens Szeto, pointed out that the Housing Department had handled most of the dredged sea mud with backfill technology. Due to the softness and possession of water, it was not easy to compaction. Carbon emissions, but also occupy the location of landfills, adverse environmental protection.patio furniture knoxville (http://outdoorwaterprooffloor.com/outdoor-fence/1743.html)
The new technology makes the sea mud made of four kinds of bricks, including floor tiles, troughs, tiles, tiles, and parking lot waterproof membrane wall tiles, has been made more than for the different equipment of the sea mud recycling brick. He said that the site adjacent to the sea skin are suitable for the application of marine mud recycling technologyexpect to promote to other public and private construction projects.flooring for unheated enclosed porch (http://outdoorwaterprooffloor.com/terrace-floor/1116.html)