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03-23-2017, 10:20 PM
Easily rip DVD to NAS with MPEG-2 for DLAN streaming

Get the best DVD Ripper software, rip DVD to NAS with MPEG-2 formats, backup DVD movies to NAS for streaming and playing on PC and TV.

How to play DVD via NAS on TV, PS4, Xbox 360 without using DVD discs?

If your home network lacks a NAS box, you're missing out on one count: network-attached storage (NAS) is the easiest way to store your media libraries and stream files to any PC or networked audio device in your house. You can also stream your favorite movies to your devices. In front of these benefits, many DVD owners are willing to rip their DVD collection to digital formats like MPEG-2 for storing on NAS with integrated DLNA server so that they can stream DVD videos via NAS (https://www.mediadimo.com/backup-dvd-to-nas.html) on TV, PS4, Xbox 360 with integrated DLNA server.


Why we choose MPEG-2?

MPEG-2 Preserves Complete Movie Content (Audio, Video and Subtitles)

One of the main advantages of ripping DVD to MPEG-2 rather than MP4, AVI or WMV is that MPEG-2 holds unlimited number of video, audio, subtitle tracks and metadata. To be exactly, by ripping DVD to MPEG-2 format, you can get the entire movie with sound, subtitle tracks, along with menus and chapter structure, into one single MPEG-2 file.

How to rip DVD to NAS with MPEG-2?

In order to play DVD movies through NAS, a decent tool is needed to rip and convert DVD to NAS. Here Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac) is recommended as the best DVD to NAS converter. With it, you can easily remove any protection on a DVD and convert DVD movies to MPEG-2 format as well as almost all popular digital format (https://www.mediadimo.com/backup-dvd-game-of-thrones-to-digital.html) like H.264, MP4 (https://www.mediadimo.com/rip-dvd-to-mp4.html), AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc, keeping the original quality maximally.

What's more, this DVD ripping software provides the preset formats with optimized settings for over 150 popular devices, including iPhone (https://www.mediadimo.com/rip-dvd-star-wars-7-to-iphone.html), iPad, Apple TV, Galaxy Tab 4, PS4/PS3, Xbox One and many more for directly playback. If you are running on Windows PC, turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate). Now let's learn how to do it.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac/Win:

Mac Download (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/mac/dimo-cvt-ultimate-trial.dmg) Windows Download (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/Dimo-vct-trial-setup.exe)

Other Download:

Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Dimo-Vi ... 194_4-77376153.html (http://download.cnet.com/Dimo-Video-Converter-Ultimate/3000-2194_4-77376153.html)
Soft32 Download: Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac 2.7.4 for Mac Free (http://dimo-video-converter-ultimate-for-mac.soft32.com/)
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Tutorial: How to Rip DVD to NAS for streaming

STEP 1. Add DVD files

Insert your DVD disc into your DVD-ROM, run the DVD ripping software and click "Add DVD" icon to load your DVD movies. As you can see, you can preview the loaded DVD files in the preview window by double clicking and select DVD audio track. DVD folder, ISO files are supported as well.


STEP 2. Choose output format

To convert DVD to NAS storing and streaming, just click on the dropdown menu of "Select Format", and then choose MPEG-2 from "Format > Video" profile list.

Tip: If you like, you can click "Settings" to change the video encoder, resolution, frame rate, etc. as you wish. To save your storage space, you can compress your DVD movies. Keep in mind the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss, and vice verse.

STEP 3. Start converting DVD to NAS

Press the "Start" button to start ripping DVD movies for NAS streaming. When the conversion finishes, click Open button to find the output files. Make sure the wireless network connection is accessible among the NAS and HD TV or other media players. You can freely share converted files to your TV (https://www.mediadimo.com/free-play-game-of-thrones-on-tv.html) or mobile devices wirelessly with Dimo free media server. Then just enjoy the high quality movies at ease.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac/Win:

https://www.mediadimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/mac-trial.png (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/mac/dimo-cvt-ultimate-trial.dmg) https://www.mediadimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/buy-mac.png (https://www.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=145698&p=145698-22&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47HSJ&a=l1)

Need the lifetime version to work on 2-4 Macs so that your friends and family can instantly broaden their entertainment options? Please refer to the family license here (https://www.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=145698&p=145698-23&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47H2S&a=l1).

Kindly Note:

The price of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is divided into 1 Year Subscription, Lifetime/Family/Business License: $43.95/Year; $45.95/lifetime license; $95.95/family license(2-4 Macs); $189.95/business pack(5-8 Macs). Get your needed one at purchase page (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac/purchase).

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